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SEARCH TIPS:   To limit an AUTHOR search to a specific surname in English, add a comma (,) after the surname. For example, to search for authors with the surname "Li" enter the string shown bolded in orange in the box:   Li,      Without the comma, any string consisting of the two-letter sequence "Li" (or "li") in the AUTHOR field would be retrieved: Li, Liang, Light, Lin, Liu, etc. And, because case is ignored (i.e., case-insensitive), also retrieved would be other (sur)names containing "li", such as Alice, William, Williams, Tomlinson, etc. Names in Chinese are in traditional characters prior to 2003, but may be in traditional or simplified form in more recent issues, depending on the choice made by the authors in their publication. Hence, you may need to try a couple of times. Alternatively, try our Browsable Alphabetic Author Index below. Also available below is our Browsable Topic Index.

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