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Eccles, Lance
Being right ninety percent of the time -- Some problems in teaching Chinese grammar
1991 Volume: 26 No: 1 Pages: 127-134
   Category: Pedagogical Issues

Eddy, Peter
The state of Chinese language teaching in American higher education academic year 1978-79: selected highlights
1980 Volume: 15 No: 1 Pages: 111-116
   Category: Pedagogical Issues

Eide, Elling O.
New hope for a Chinese-English dictionary
1975 Volume: 10 No: 2 Pages: 36-47
   Category: Lexicography and Characters

Ellen Knell & Haii West
Writing Practice and Chinese Character Recognition in Early Chinese Immersion Students
2015 Volume: 50 No: 3 Pages: 45-61
   Category: Pedagogy

    Abstract-EN    Abstract-CH

Erbaugh, Mary S.
Mandarin oral narratives compared with English -- The pear/guava stories
1990 Volume: 25 No: 2 Pages: 21-42
   Category: Applied Linguistics and Acquisition

Erbaugh, Mary S.
Acquisition of Mandarin syntax -- Less grammar isn't easier
1983 Volume: 18 No: 1 Pages: 51-64
   Category: Applied Linguistics and Acquisition

Ernst, Thomas
Marie-Claude: linguistique generale et linguistique Chinoise -- quelques examples d'argumentation
1990 Volume: 25 No: 1 Pages: 107-114
   Category: Review

Ernst, Thomas
Duration adverbials and Chinese phrase structure
1987 Volume: 22 No: 2 Pages: 1-12
   Category: Applied Linguistics and Acquisition

Everson, Michael
Literature and Society: Advanced Reader of Modern Chinese
1999 Volume: 34 No: 3 Pages: 97-
   Category: Review

Everson, Michael E.
Chinese Reading Specialists Meet in Germany
2006 Volume: 41 No: 1 Pages: 93-96
   Category: Report

Everson, Michael E.
Z. Li & S. Wang: Newspaper Chinese ABC
1995 Volume: 30 No: 3 Pages: 107-110
   Category: Review

Everson, Michael E.
Speed and comprehension in reading Chinese -- Romanization vs. characters revisited
1988 Volume: 23 No: 2 Pages: 1-20
   Category: Pedagogical Issues

Everson, Michael E. & Chuanren Ke
An inquiry into the reading strategies of intermediate and advanced learners of chinese as a foreign language
1997 Volume: 32 No: 1 Pages: 1-20
   Category: Pedagogical Issues

Everson, Michael, E.
Clavis Sinica 3.0: Chinese Reading and Reference Software
2003 Volume: 38 No: 2 Pages: 141-144
   Category: review