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Gao, Qian
Word Order in Mandarin: Different Register with Different Grammar
2008 Volume: 43 No: 2 Pages: 77-106
   Category: Applied Linguistics and Acquisition

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Gasster, Michael
Hao Chang: Chinese intellectuals in crisis -- Search for order and meaning
1990 Volume: 25 No: 2 Pages: 97-100
   Category: Review

Gasster, Michael
Stanley Karnow: Mao and China -- Inside China's Cultural Revolution
1985 Volume: 20 No: 3 Pages: 93-98
   Category: Review

Gisela Jia
Research among Learners of Chinese as a Foreign Language
2011 Volume: 46 No: 2 Pages: 99-110
   Category: review article

Goh, Yeng-Seng
Challenges of the Rise of Global Mandarin
1999 Volume: 34 No: 3 Pages: 41-48
   Category: Pedagogical Issues

Golas, Peter
Janey Chen: A practical English-Chinese pronouncing dictionary
1971 Volume: 6 No: 1 Pages: 30-31
   Category: Review

Goldblatt, Howard
Kai-yu Hsu and modern Chinese literature
1985 Volume: 20 No: 1 Pages: 1-8
   Category: Literature

Goldblatt, Howard
Taiwan literature in the People's Republic of China
1981 Volume: 16 No: 2 Pages: 57-66
   Category: Literature

Goldblatt, Howard
Lao She -- A study and a translation
1977 Volume: 12 No: 2 Pages: 146-150
   Category: Review

Gong, 龔千炎
1994 Volume: 29 No: 1 Pages: 27-40
   Category: Applied Linguistics and Acquisition

Gotz, Michael
Revolutionary literature in China -- An anthology
1978 Volume: 13 No: 1 Pages: 81-82
   Category: Review

Granat, Diana
M. Dolezelova-Velingerova and J.I. Crump (tran./ intro.): Ballad of the hidden dragon
1973 Volume: 8 No: 3 Pages: 176
   Category: Review

Grant, Beata
Yoshikawa Kojiro (Author), John Timothy Wixted (Tran.): Five hundred years of Chinese poetry, 1150-1650
1994 Volume: 29 No: 2 Pages: 71-72
   Category: Review

Guangyan Chen
Examining Rating Criteria Used to Assess U.S. College Students’ Chinese Oral Performance
2016 Volume: 51 No: 3 Pages:
   Category: Pedagogy

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Guohe Zheng
The Ongoing Case of Characters and “the Ideographic Myth”
2012 Volume: 47 No: 3 Pages: 151-171
   Category: Review Article

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