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Acosta, Peter
Essentials of Chinese literary art
1981 Volume: 16 No: 1 Pages: 73-76
   Category: Review

Adkins, Curtis
K'uei Hsing: A repository of Asian literature in translation
1978 Volume: 13 No: 3 Pages: 217-218
   Category: Review

Aikman, David
Some considerations in establishing a Chinese language program
1970 Volume: 5 No: 3 Pages: 82-106
   Category: Pedagogical Issues

Aiping Zhao, Aaron Whitchurch,
Anxiety and its Associated Factors in College-Level Chinese Classrooms in the U.S.
2011 Volume: 46 No: 3 Pages: 21-47
   Category: pedagogy

    Abstract-EN    Abstract-CH

Alber, Charles
The most common list of 3000 most commonly-used characters and their phonetics
1989 Volume: 24 No: 1 Pages: 97-104
   Category: Lexicography and Characters

Alber, Charles
The ECR 500, a sound approach
1986 Volume: 21 No: 3 Pages: 105-112
   Category: Pedagogical Issues

Alber, Charles J.
Information technology and Chinese language instruction -- A search for standards
1989 Volume: 24 No: 2 Pages: 85-108
   Category: Educational Technology

Allen, Joseph Roe
Chinese script and lexicography for the uninitiated -- Pedagogical notes
1984 Volume: 19 No: 3 Pages: 35-86
   Category: Lexicography and Characters

Allyn Rickett
Modern Chinese-English Technical and General Dictionary Chinese-English Dictionary ...of Communist Chinese Usage
1966 Volume: 1 No: 1 Pages: 41-44
   Category: Review

Ashworth, David
The linguistics of Chinese writing
1970 Volume: 5 No: 1 Pages: 8-14
   Category: Lexicography and Characters

Astor, Capt.
Raymond Huang: Mandarin pronunciation
1971 Volume: 6 No: 3 Pages: 114-116
   Category: Review

Astor, Captain
A phonetic-inductive approach to Chinese character recognition
1970 Volume: 5 No: 2 Pages: 30-66
   Category: Applied Linguistics and Acquisition

Astor, Wally
Chinese radical frequency
1969 Volume: 4 No: 1 Pages: 20-30
   Category: Lexicography and Characters

Astor, Wally
A content analysis of two Chinese-English dictionaries
1969 Volume: 4 No: 2 Pages: 55-60
   Category: Lexicography and Characters