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Na, Tsung-yi
Problems in recognition of new words in the teaching of the lexicon
1986 Volume: 21 No: 2 Pages: 79-84
   Category: Pedagogical Issues

Nan Meng
Chinese Matters: From Grammar to First and Second Language Acquisition
2014 Volume: 49 No: 3 Pages: 117-121
   Category: Review

Nathan, Norman
A classroom innovation -- Contracts and self-paced instruction
1966 Volume: 1 No: 3 Pages: 107-111
   Category: Pedagogical Issues

Ng, Sally M.
The phonetic aspect of character simplification
1976 Volume: 11 No: 3 Pages: 179-186
   Category: Lexicography and Characters

Nicola McLelland
Teach Yourself Chinese - How? The History of Chinese Self-instruction Manuals for English Speakers, 1900-2010
2015 Volume: 50 No: 2 Pages: 77-120
   Category: pedagogy

    Abstract-EN    Abstract-CH

Nielson, Thomas
Two-track service course and advanced modules -- Individualized learning and the peer teaching method
1974 Volume: 9 No: 3 Pages: 126-133
   Category: Pedagogical Issues

Nienhauser, William
From Tewksbury to Du Fu: exercises toward introducing graduate students to the study of Chinese literature
1980 Volume: 15 No: 3 Pages: 101-116
   Category: Pedagogical Issues

Nienhauser, William
The evolution from monkey to journey -- A new translation of Hsi-yu Chi
1978 Volume: 13 No: 1 Pages: 68-71
   Category: Review

Nienhauser, William
The Han Rhapsody -- a study of the Fu of Yang Hsiung (53 B.C.-A.D.18)
1977 Volume: 12 No: 3 Pages: 261
   Category: Review

Norment, Nathaniel
Contrastive analyses of cohesive devices in Chinese and Chinese ESL in narrative and expository written texts
1994 Volume: 29 No: 1 Pages: 49-82
   Category: Applied Linguistics and Acquisition

Norment, Nathaniel
Organizational structures of Chinese subjects’ writing in Chinese and in ESL
1986 Volume: 21 No: 3 Pages: 49-72
   Category: Applied Linguistics and Acquisition